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Solterra: The Relic Wars

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Solterra: The Relic Wars

Post by Rho-kun on Tue 04 Jun 2013, 3:06 am

Sooo... This is an attempt to write down the "fictional universe" I've had in my head for a while. Complete with its own lore and is distantly interconnected with other stories I will soon make in the years to come. I will update as often as I can. (Can range from 1 day to a few weeks)

With all that said, enjoy the short intro..

Prologue - A Distant Battle

"The void. A vast realm of nothingness. It had no beginning, and it will have no end. No one remembers its origins. No one remembers its purpose. No one, but me.

Long before Roda and Ydrai, before the Arcane shattered Silvertalon’s peaks, before the desert swallowed the lands of Kumara, before the creation of Solterra itself, it was the time of the two “Brothers”. We were so young back then; The tyrant, Tyrannos, and me, the hierophant, Omnis.

Back then our master lived here. I do not know where he came from, but I know he was powerful. For I’ve had the privilege of having a firsthand experience when he created Solterra. He gave us gifts, shared his knowledge, infused us with his powers, made us immortal. They named us, “Deus”. In return, we gave them whatever he desired. This vast realm, a planet teeming with life, the cosmos, and much more beyond human comprehension."


Devoid of time, space and matter.except--

Two figures clashing, their mere exchange disturbs the “nothingness” itself.

They are the example of a higher form of life, or so to say, they are the ones who deny the concept of life itself.

Their features, too human to not be recognized, too perfect to be human.

Like a splitting image of black and white, they both carried the same appearance.

A powerful slash, parried by a lightning-fast stab.

“Kehehe.” The black one smirks. Taking advantage of his dashing momentum, he looks at his other, licks his lips and pushes forward with his sword cutting through empty space.

The white steps back in response, his one foot turning to create a sliding motion to turn sideways, swiftly evading a fatal blow and delivering a downward strike as his answer.

“--!” In less than a fraction of a second, the black one reacts, turning his body around with unparalleled flexibility, and then raises his weapon to deflect the incoming blow.

The force drives him away, creating distance between the two. A tactical retreat.

And it was the greatest retreat possible.

The white one can’t pursue him. His chains are tangled around the white one’s legs. He persistently attacked the white one’s middle body with a dashing motion, entangled his legs as the final attack, and nailed him in place by clamping the nail to its own chains.

“You can’t stop me with such petty tricks…!”

Energy courses through the white one’s body. He takes on light and easily disintegrates the chain.


But it was futile. The small delay lasted a mere second, but that’s what more than the black one needed.


Seeing the sudden gap between them, the white one instantly realizes the black one’s intention.


There was only one way to oppose it: A strongest attack for a strongest attack.


Black light flows out. A scorching wind bursts forth from the black one’s sword. A star will crash into the white one in the next second. His strongest attack is employed to cancel out the pure white light from his other.


The white one lowers his stance, a colossal circle’s already completed behind his back. Blinding white orbs of light materialize around him.

“---------Come, Omnis!!-----“


The black one’s true attack is cast. His sword transforms into a blazing black flame.


The white one’s ultimate spell is revealed. His figure is instantly covered in white.



A deafening roar covers all of the void. Emptiness itself trembles, shudders and quakes before them.

The two lights within nothingness contend for dominance!

Next Chapter: Chapter 1 - Outbreak


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