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Lolicon 101

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Lolicon 101

Post by Rho-kun on Mon 03 Jun 2013, 1:45 am

Lolicon 101 - Lesson #1


The Two Types of Loli

My fellow lolicon brethren, as we all know, some of us may be novices to the art of being attracted to such small, delicate, wonderful, flat-chested creatures.

And because of that, I have decided to take the initiative to be able to educate our brethren and make them more philosophically enlightened about the essence and meaning of their fetish - being aroused by under-developed girls.

I can assume that each of us has a loli of our fantasies. A loli that can always be the center of our unrestrained lust and inhibitions.

I want all of our brethren reading this message to first start thinking of your dream loli.
She is amazing, isn't she?

Those precocious curves that create her slender frame, that small yet firm bosom that will never sag due to old age. The sight of such fragile yet enticing features would instantly deprive you of all reason and sanity. Sadly though, you won't.

She probably smells like flowers and taste like nectar sweeter than anything God could have placed into existence without assistance from Buddha, Confucius and Satan. But unfortunately, you cannot confirm her smell or taste without sniffing her intensely and licking her all over.

Ah, to lick every last nook and cranny of that petit, slender frame as she calls you a pervert. Ah... Ah. Ah!!


Remember, as much as you would want to sniff your dream loli intensely or lick her all over, it is illegal. You will get sued. Yes, my pedophilic brother; no touch.

And now, with the introductions over, let us now proceed to discussing the topic at hand.
As you can see, my good brethren, we cannot simply discern the difference between lolis. That is because we cannot easily tell their age because of their youthful, underage appearance, which is why we must be careful for we might end up in awkwardly difficult and rather sticky situations in our quest for finding the one true and wholesome PLOT.


As you can see from the image above, we have our cute and adorable Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko in all of her golden greatness. Like a goddess that descended from the 7th realm of the heavens just to let us bask in her glorious presence. We understand that she is very cute and has a voice like Ogura Yui. No male organism that can see, smell, touch, taste and feel would not want her to call them “Onii-chan”. I know I do, and I think every one of our brothers do as well.

But as I was roaming around the forums whilst conversing with our Lolicon General, I noticed that he suddenly disappeared after I have shown him an interesting image of this goddess Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko. I then immediately assumed that he had succumbed into a state of heavy breathing and grunting as he placed his hands upon that image of Tsukiko, and then mysteriously disappear to the bathroo--- Ahem.

For your knowledge, my brethren, she is an example of a True Loli.

“But what is a True Loli?” you might ask. It is just simply as the name implies. A True Loli is the kind of loli that is proportionally underdeveloped and under-aged, meaning that they still have space to grow and give us a lot more interesting PLOT in the next few years of their body’s development.


This, my brethren, as you can already see, is a voluptuous image of a well-known figure named Nakano Azusa in her Santa suit. For as early as it may be, many of us would consider her sight to already be the best present one could have for Christmas.

My brethren, this is exactly what we want our lolis to be. A genuinely Legal Loli. For now that they are in the legal age of consent, this means that their body would have an absolute to high chance that it will no longer progress and grow, just the way we like it. They are the very symbol of youth, itself throughout all of the stages in their lives.

With that said, I bring this 1st lesson of our Lolicon 101 to a close. I apologize for my delusional way of thinking and my crappy style of writing, for I have yet to experience being called “Onii-chan” by a loli myself.


"If a flat-chested girl gives you a hug, she holds you a lot closer to her heart."
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